Irrationality and Compels

Shipwright. My brother and I were watching a crime show that takes place in Birmingham right after World War I. Between episodes I confessed that I was just watching the show as a role-playing game, mulling over in my mind how such a game could be made possible at the table. What information was given? … Continue reading Irrationality and Compels

Playing with Youngers: Violence

Think about it. That carrot totally does bludgeoning damage. Shipwright. This is part of the “Playing with Youngers” series, but requires no context to read and enjoy. Here are the other parts: Rules and DiceAnimal KingdomAdvancement50/50 ResolutionDeath Hittin' all the hard topics. Whoopee! When discussing the topic of death in games with younger players on … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Violence

Electric Bastionland: NPC Creation Meditation Table

Walking through Bastion, come across some Bastiards, none too normal. By Shipwright. d6Inhabitantd6Role1-2Human ("People", p. 280)1-2Career (failed or otherwise, p. 18-235)3Mockery (p. 282)3Patron (p. 253)4Machine (p. 284)4Specialist (p. 253)5Alien (p. 286)5Mercenary (p. 253)6Monstrocity (p. 288)6Shopkeeper (p. 253) While watching Chris McDowall continuing to make awesome content on twitch, I constructed this table for my own … Continue reading Electric Bastionland: NPC Creation Meditation Table

Playing with Youngers: Advancement

Shipwright There is no “number-based advancement” in Adventure Hour. At least, none that is interesting to the littlest of players. I’ve written a lot about many ways to enforce a genre and keep the XP numbers small (or non-existent). But the fact is  that levels don’t service the game. They build false securities and add … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Advancement