Campaign of Skorne: Endgame

The Maze Rats have their backs to the wall! In a stunning turn of events, Kothar, the guild's lead wizard, has been attacked by an Artifact placed in the Bleak Hound tavern by the players, unaware of its evil nature. The Artifact in question, a book stolen from a deranged magician in the wilderness grew … Continue reading Campaign of Skorne: Endgame


Open Table Game: Supernatural Exterminators

Supernatural Exterminators + Dungeon Crawling + 10,000 Wise-cracking Points I've been reading World of Dungeons: Turbo Breakers and Monster of the Week. Both very good games. Also, The Adventure Zone got me more interested in MotW after initially reading the rules and shrugging. Anyways, I'm hooked on killing monsters in the modern world, but it … Continue reading Open Table Game: Supernatural Exterminators