Electric Bastionland

Electric Bastionland is out for backers. The Oddendum has a whole bunch of essays about how to run the game. It is because these essays are in the game that I wanted it so bad. Chris McDowall is able to put things so simply, it's perfect. Here's Chris on Information in the game: In RPGs, … Continue reading Electric Bastionland


Concessions (and Surrender) to Troika!

I love Troika! but not for the system.Me, a month ago And then I had realization while watching Samurai Champloo, a bizarre anime that swims in musical-historical dissonance. The story is about samurai in feudal Japan, but the music and cinematography style comes from hip-hop. And despite the two things not matching at all, the … Continue reading Concessions (and Surrender) to Troika!

Red Ink Adventures: Knowledge and Perception

A. Shipwright We talked about Knowledge and Perception in my homemade Red Ink Adventures before. I still hold the opinion that both Knowledge and Perception Checks/Rolls are terrible in adventure games. Players must be given information constantly. The GM is their window into the world, their eyes, their ears, and all other senses. Without being … Continue reading Red Ink Adventures: Knowledge and Perception

Red Ink Adventures: Death

It's a close call here, folks. Making death interesting has come up on my "RPG content writing consumption" multiple times this week. Once from Luka over at WizardThiefFighter and another time just recently from u/AllUrMemes on Reddit. Luka's system involves replacing "die at 0" with more interesting options than "just croaking." He includes things like: … Continue reading Red Ink Adventures: Death