Red Ink Adventures v2.0

The Red Ink Adventures continue! In another attempt to scratch that simple, vanilla fantasy, Into the Odd-inspired itch, I made a new edition of RIA.

Here are the rules!

Here is the character sheet (nothing new here).


  • PCs have a ~50% chance to succeed. The target number for Danger Rolls is 5 or higher.
  • This is because there is no more advantage. After writing about it, making “advantages” diegetic seems more appropriate and playable. So now it’s called “Effect” so as to not get people confused about how many (more) dice to roll. This is the biggest and most important change.
  • Special attacks.
  • Scars are out, Dying is different.
  • Encumbrance copied from Electric Bastionland.
  • Knowledge and perception rules.
  • Fortune + Hazard roll.
  • d66 Debts.

This practice is gearing me up for future projects. How exciting!

EDIT: After some additional playtesting, Health has been changed to a max of 6 with death occurring at -6 or lower. Thanks VonRader on the Questing Beast Discord! 🙂

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