Squires Errant

Art from the game. Squires Errant is a game made for the Eclectic Bastion Jam by Tim B. of quarterlingscorner.blogspot.com. Squires Errant lists the Special Attacks and the dice mechanics of Red Ink Adventures 2.0 as a few of its inspirations. It has a clean layout, cool ideas, and expands on the ideas of exploration … Continue reading Squires Errant


Playing with Youngers: Dealing with Deathlessness

There are more dangers here than just death. Think about it. Shipwright. This is part of the “Playing with Youngers” series, but requires no additional context to read and enjoy. Find the rest of the series here. When we last looked at death in games for kids, I came to the conclusion that death is … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Dealing with Deathlessness