Importance of Eyes

Shipwright. I've been student teaching. Here's something I wrote in my journal. You'll see pretty quickly how it relates to RPGs and the art of being a Game Master... I’ve been focusing on this skill of addressing people individual during talks and lessons. A famous public speaker I follow has said on many occasions, “you’re … Continue reading Importance of Eyes


Union: Electric Bastionland + Neverland

Play with me in this space... Would this be Electric NeverBastionland? Or Electric BastionNeverland? I'm in love with Neverland. I love the Disney cartoon, Hook (the Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Dante Basco one), Peter and the Starcatchers, and the original writings. My English teacher had me read the original in middle-school. Here's a Questing Beast … Continue reading Union: Electric Bastionland + Neverland

World of Elements: Bending Spirit Tattoos Kanji = ink spirits imbued with elemental power. Also, watch the anime Mushishi. I don't normally do "lore-related" posts. But here we are. I've been using the Free Kriegspiel Revolution rules of Adventure Hour! for World of Elements. It's my love letter to Avatar. Here are the rules: The Game Master sets the situation … Continue reading World of Elements: Bending Spirit Tattoos

Fantasy, Harry Potter, Avatar starting packages

Shipwright. Skills are cool, I guess. Making lists of stats and abilities and skills and whatever can be cool. Items are cooler, for sure. In the renewed interest in games to make things more diegetic, that is "in the game world," some designers have been moving to describe tools that are available to player characters. … Continue reading Fantasy, Harry Potter, Avatar starting packages