Spring Break!

I'm out for ten days. Bringing the following on vacation: Wormskin (issues #1-3)StonehellGRIM FORTUNESAdventure Hour!Grim RatsMaze RatsInto the OddJohn's Wick's Play Dirty (1 & 2)DND's Young Adventurer's Guide Collection (the best 5e product, bar none)Hole in the OakWinter's DaughterWaking of Willowby Hall Lots to read, digest, and enjoy! The image is the hint to where … Continue reading Spring Break!


Playing Cards Universal – For Conflict

SNEEEEEEEEEEK FIGHT! I've mentioned this resolution system based on regular old playing cards before. But now I want something a little for substantial for conflict. Conflict being, as the game RISUS points out, any sort of contest between two sides. Things like: Arguments: Combatants wielding logic, stubbornness and cheap rhetorical tricks to make their point.Horse-Racing: … Continue reading Playing Cards Universal – For Conflict