Appendix N – d666 Media Influences

A. Shipwright TetraLlama asked "Could you share your d366 list of movies? What are your top 5 that you get the most inspiration and use out of?" Well, I hadn't typed that list up... BEFORE NOW. Here is my table of media influences. So, it's not just movies, but shows and books and what have … Continue reading Appendix N – d666 Media Influences


Mausritter Procedure House Rules

Got the Mausritter boxed set from Games Omnivorous. It was so good I ordered the adventure boxed set too. Reading some of Chris McDowall's Mythic/Primeval Bastionland playtest inspired a greater reliance on hexcrawling and procedural systems (something none of us can keep our mouths shut about around here it seems). Anyway, here are some changes … Continue reading Mausritter Procedure House Rules