Andrew Kolb Prediction

A pattern: Neverland. Public domain adventure story, Peter Pan. Green cover. Oz. Public domain adventure story, Wizard of Oz. Blue cover. My prediction: The next book in this series is Wonderland. Public domain adventure story, Alice in Wonderland. Red cover. Red-gardless, buy these and use them at your table. They're fantastic. I've run Neverland for … Continue reading Andrew Kolb Prediction


Skorne Character Record Sheet

"Renegade Edgelord" is my vanity license plate. Skorne, upon both release and remaster, did not include a character sheet. Something it shares in common with other ultralight/FKR games. That has changed. From the itch page: KILLER FEATURES Helper text below each section to minimize book flipping while creating a new Renegade. HIT COUNTER on the … Continue reading Skorne Character Record Sheet