Out the Odd – Fleeing the Dungeon

This is how to cut an expedition short and remove tedious dungeon backtracking from your Mark of the Odd game:

When the group flees danger to end their expedition and return to safety, each character rolls their three saves in order:

STR save (vs harm and danger): if failed, you lose 1d12 STR. If killed, each other character may salvage one item from your corpse.
DEX save (vs clumsiness and atrophy): if failed, you lose 1d6 random items.
WIL save (vs madness and alteration): if failed, you gain an insanity (50%) or mutation (50%).

Happy ‘crawling!

5 thoughts on “Out the Odd – Fleeing the Dungeon

  1. Thought of this while playing Darkest Dungeon, a game that feels very Into the Odd to me. The game needs more exploration in it though to seal the deal…

    I also like the idea that fleeing the dungeon can potentially make you stronger with the chance that you get a mutation that enhances or increases your abilities. After all, mutations are THE method of diegetic leveling in the OSR…

    1. Risk vs. other risk. Going through a dungeon room-by-room to get out may have more challenges than this procedure.

      Or your session has a timer on it and for verisimilitude’s everyone needs to be back in town.

  2. I’ve always always tried to do the “you must be out of the dungeon/wilderness by the end of the session or Bad Things Happen” but… real-world time constraints are a pain. And I always enjoy ending sessions on cliffhangers! So I never get to use fun rules like this.

  3. For me, if a session ends in a dungeon, the next starts in the same dungeon same place. Its actually a bit shitty and I try to avoid it, as many things are forgotten in the meantime,

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