The Villainous Campaign

While playing the Disney Villainous board game, I was struck by how dynamic and chock full of interesting characters, places, and artifacts the animated Disney world is. Maybe it's playing too much Kingdom Hearts, maybe it's my love of Electric Bastionland that, by "word of god", snuck Disney princesses into its Oddendum (see the Fullstister … Continue reading The Villainous Campaign


Current setup and recent findings (2022)

Shipwright I'm running everything at the table out of a 1" binder with pockets. Here's what's inside: Front pocket Adventure Hour!Maze Rats20-some index cardsTiny 2d6 in a bagAdventure World one page rules and character packages (we've been marking off character packages so every character is unique).Bastionland name list (alphabetical and by failed career)Dungeon World GM … Continue reading Current setup and recent findings (2022)

Adventure Hour! – You can now hold it in your hands!!

Crispy! Adventure Hour! has been featured through its many iterations on the blog, its development over many months documented and commented upon. But now, it is here! To be held! And swaddled and brought to life at the table! It's the concentration of many ideas written about here. The tools to solve many system and … Continue reading Adventure Hour! – You can now hold it in your hands!!

Nim Style

The vast majority of actions require a quick judgement call to resolve. Players who leverage their environment, use their items and common sense, and clearly declare their actions often receive success. The consequences of any described actions follow accordingly. If an action described by a player is uncertain, the GM may call for a roll. … Continue reading Nim Style

Playing with Youngers: Pets

From Adventure Hour!: To use animals as loyal pets, make them friendly, smart, or powerful, but not all three. Let's give some meat to these words: Friendly Likes owner, likes strangers, empathetic.Opposite: Jerk, doesn’t care, needs to be motivated Smart Independent, adaptable, courageousOpposite: Clumsy, afraid, needs to be told what to do Powerful Skilled, effective, … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Pets