Clever Hobbitses: Legal Disaster

Goblins are weird. We all know this. It makes sense that a goblin system of law would be... chaotic. Turn to page 190 of your copy of Labyrinth. "The Goblin Laws" Enormous bulletin board covered in papers. These are laws. The laws of Goblin City. I do a little riffing on this. These are actually … Continue reading Clever Hobbitses: Legal Disaster


Clever Hobbitses: The Plant Mech

In the Labyrinth, the players came across the Hedge Beasts (pg. 104). Six large hedge animals charged them: a serpent, bull, spider, lion, gorilla, giraffe. Players take 'em out with a strategy involving heavy weapons. Pretty straightforward fight. Then there's just this mass of plant-stuff in front of them. "How were the hedge beasts made … Continue reading Clever Hobbitses: The Plant Mech