Cowboy Bebop: Space Bounty Blues

With Netflix's live action cover of Cowboy Bebop coming out just around the corner (FRIDAY!), I've been doing so much to get into the mood. Because Bebop is 100% style. I've been watching the anime, listening to the music (while I write this), and reading this delicious RPG recently shown to me: Space Bounty … Continue reading Cowboy Bebop: Space Bounty Blues


Concessions (and Surrender) to Troika!

I love Troika! but not for the system.Me, a month ago And then I had realization while watching Samurai Champloo, a bizarre anime that swims in musical-historical dissonance. The story is about samurai in feudal Japan, but the music and cinematography style comes from hip-hop. And despite the two things not matching at all, the … Continue reading Concessions (and Surrender) to Troika!