The Two Rules

MORK BORG. It's a grim fantasy RPG I like for it's dark tone and striking, very striking design. It obviously had an influence on Skorne, including the Revelation reference of breaking the seven seals to bring out the end of a doomed world. Side note: I can do without the filth of MORK BORG. It's … Continue reading The Two Rules


Current setup and recent findings (2022)

Shipwright I'm running everything at the table out of a 1" binder with pockets. Here's what's inside: Front pocket Adventure Hour!Maze Rats20-some index cardsTiny 2d6 in a bagAdventure World one page rules and character packages (we've been marking off character packages so every character is unique).Bastionland name list (alphabetical and by failed career)Dungeon World GM … Continue reading Current setup and recent findings (2022)

Boss Battles – Tyrants of Skorne

More digital art from my brother, Caleb. Skorne is becoming more souls-like. Using this from Coins and Scrolls as inspiration, here are four sample bosses (Tyrants, as they're known in this game). The stats here are very FKR: Note: the “bloodied” condition triggers once the Tyrant reaches half hits. It is immediate.  Critical details are … Continue reading Boss Battles – Tyrants of Skorne