Into the Odds and Ends

Shipwright A few procedural bits and bots I've found enhances gameplay of Into the Odd (and other Mark of the Odd games): Rolling a Character Before rolling a new character, find which method you'll use (d6): Starter Package Table Starter Package Table Alternative Start Package Mutant from the Underground Simple Folk Unhuman This you a … Continue reading Into the Odds and Ends


Mausritter Procedure House Rules

Got the Mausritter boxed set from Games Omnivorous. It was so good I ordered the adventure boxed set too. Reading some of Chris McDowall's Mythic/Primeval Bastionland playtest inspired a greater reliance on hexcrawling and procedural systems (something none of us can keep our mouths shut about around here it seems). Anyway, here are some changes … Continue reading Mausritter Procedure House Rules