Adventure Hour! – Inventory

The name "Dragonslayer Adventures" has been dropped in favor of "Adventure Hour!" The inventory system of this game is inspired by Knave, Cairn, and this post about ItO. Making a change. Want to catalogue my reasons why. Before: Optional Rule: Inventory. A PC may only carry 8 items on their person as part of their … Continue reading Adventure Hour! – Inventory


Initiative Alternative + Knave’s Encumbrance

The Hireling from Steve Jackson's Munchkin I've been dorking with Initiative Alternatives for a while now. The Angry GM also has a great post on encumbrance and what it's for. To summarize (Angry's words, not mine): You want encumbrance to make players choose what to leave behind and what to bring on an adventure.You want … Continue reading Initiative Alternative + Knave’s Encumbrance