Odd Notation: Monsters

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve run or played in a games in the Mark of the Odd family, be it Into the Odd or Runecairn or Weird North. I myself have run Cairn, Electric Bastionland, Maze Rats, and Mausritter and of course I’ve also run my own Skorne and Adventure Hour!, which trace … Continue reading Odd Notation: Monsters


Mausritter Procedure House Rules

Got the Mausritter boxed set from Games Omnivorous. It was so good I ordered the adventure boxed set too. Reading some of Chris McDowall's Mythic/Primeval Bastionland playtest inspired a greater reliance on hexcrawling and procedural systems (something none of us can keep our mouths shut about around here it seems). Anyway, here are some changes … Continue reading Mausritter Procedure House Rules

Union: Veins of the Earth + Mausritter = Hollow Knight

I consume a lot of media. I've also been trained by my liberal arts education (whoopee) to connect things and cross-pollenate them to make them awesome. It's a bad habit.  Anyways, I've already connected games like Maze Rats and Hot Springs Island with an integrated ruleset, so doing this for other modules and rulesets is … Continue reading Union: Veins of the Earth + Mausritter = Hollow Knight