Odd Notation: Monsters

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve run or played in a games in the Mark of the Odd family, be it Into the Odd or Runecairn or Weird North. I myself have run Cairn, Electric Bastionland, Maze Rats, and Mausritter and of course I’ve also run my own Skorne and Adventure Hour!, which trace … Continue reading Odd Notation: Monsters


Ranged attacks in fantasy

Most fantasy RPGs are base-melee. They assume swords, claws, and clubs from adventurers and monsters alike. Many modern and sci-fi RPGs are base-ranged. They assume pew-pew lasers and bullets. Balancing ("preserving interesting choices" for) these two options can be tricky. A good question for fantasy RPGs is this: why NOT use a ranged weapon? There … Continue reading Ranged attacks in fantasy