Playing with Youngers: Pets

From Adventure Hour!: To use animals as loyal pets, make them friendly, smart, or powerful, but not all three. Let's give some meat to these words: Friendly Likes owner, likes strangers, empathetic.Opposite: Jerk, doesn’t care, needs to be motivated Smart Independent, adaptable, courageousOpposite: Clumsy, afraid, needs to be told what to do Powerful Skilled, effective, … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Pets


Adventure Hour! – Release

Well folks. It's here. Adventure Hour! is upon us! Many, many, many hours of development. Pulling on now hundreds of hours of running games for younger folks. Editing to the most potent minimum possible. Increasing usability wherever possible. Maze Rats gave me a sense of what makes toolkits and printable booklets so excellent. Electric Bastionland … Continue reading Adventure Hour! – Release

Playing with Youngers: ‘GMs Running RPGs for kids’ survey results

"Generally D&D is the worst game. And I highly doubt I would ever play your heartbreaker with my students." -an evil insect, no doubt. 26 responses. As I mentioned, thank you for taking the time. This is all for the continued development of Dragonslayer Adventures. The "target age" of this survey was never revealed for … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: ‘GMs Running RPGs for kids’ survey results

Playing with Youngers: Expensive Buys

Treasure-seeking monster... But not a player, of course. The overlap between these Playing with Youngers posts and similar-age gaming has always been apparent to me, but many times the lessons of better design reveal themselves to me when running games for kids versus adults. For my Outschool DND adventures, I created a desert-theme Perilous Pyramid … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Expensive Buys

Playing with Youngers: Do RPGs teach you anything?

Art is a self-taught, self-sought endeavor for me as of late. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 When I run fantasy role-playing games for kids on Outschool, I always label the classes as "Life Skills." Frankly, it doesn't really count as any of the other tags like "Social Studies" or "English" or "Math" even though RPGs contain … Continue reading Playing with Youngers: Do RPGs teach you anything?