Into the Odds and Ends


A few procedural bits and bots I’ve found enhances gameplay of Into the Odd (and other Mark of the Odd games):

Rolling a Character

Before rolling a new character, find which method you’ll use (d6):

  1. Starter Package Table
  2. Starter Package Table
  3. Alternative Start Package
  4. Mutant from the Underground
  5. Simple Folk
  6. Unhuman

This you a 50% chance of a “normal” character, keeping true weirdos abnormal.

Power Strike

An attacker rolls double the number of dice dictated by their weapon. Their attack causes the total in damage and shatters their weapon. This can only be done with melee weapons.

An option that makes melee weapons and carrying a lot of melee weapons more appealing.

Reaction After-Roll

After rolling a WIL save to avoid an unfavorable reaction, roll below:

Unfavorable reaction (d6):

  1. Kill the PCs
  2. Injure or capture the PCs
  3. Harass or rob the PCs
  4. Insult, threaten, or command PCs
  5. Avoid the PCs
  6. Ignore the PCs

Favorable reaction (d6):

  1. Ignore the PCs
  2. Follow or observe the PCs
  3. Politely question the PCs
  4. Share information with the PCs
  5. Perform a minor favor for the PCs
  6. Ask to join the PCs party

Dungeon Hazard Die

Roll each time the group moves into a new area, loiters, or makes a loud noise (d6):

  1. Encounter! (Roll reaction!)
  2. Sign or clue of encounter
  3. Effects end, torches run out
  4. Rest and eat or lose 1 STR
  5. Dungeon state shifts
  6. Free turn

2 thoughts on “Into the Odds and Ends

  1. Adapting some Knave 2.0 stuff here, for sure. Playing Mausritter (the Estate is SO good) really put me in the mood. It actually put me in the mood to read and reread my remastered copy of the book all week. Kinda obsessed…

    I really like the various starting packages into the book, just didn’t want it to be a straight choice of how to get them…

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